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Who Are We?
Located within Hertfordshire UK. Local Business Pages went live on Aug 2017. Our goal is to run a high quality, well maintained business advertising platform. Our site is very search engine friendly. We spent a lot of time making sure of this, all our pages, category & location pages, new listing detail pages use unique data for better and faster indexing within top search engines to help gain quality traffic to our business pages. Our site is also responsive (tablets & smart phones) for better ease of use.

We also use sitemaps for search engines, Every time a new listing is approved, Search engines are automatically notified for the following - 

  1. Business listing detail page.
  2. Location area page.
  3. Main category page.
  4. Sub category page.
All categories & locations that do not have business listings in them do not get crawled, this is done so search engines are not crawling empty content.

Will My Business Benefit?
People searching or browsing listings within our database can do so by location, type of business, leave comments, rate, share via social networking sites and recommend to friends via the listing detail page.

How Can Visitors Contact Businesses?
Members can list a contact no. web address, plus our system uses a built in email form, this means all enquiries will then be sent to the listing owner.

Featured Businesses

MK Auto Valeting - Bedfordshire

MK Auto Valeting - Bedfordshire

MK Auto Valeting & Detailing in 2006 after 15 years in the motor ...

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